Dancing Maids with Stars In Their Eyes

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

AniRevoWhat does two out of synch dancing maids, Totoro in sandals and a confused man mean? It means the start of Anime Revolution 2014 is mere months away and they’re hoping you’ll be smitten by this Youtube video promotion.

To be honest the video has its charm. The maids are some of those who’ll be serving con-goers at the yearly maid cafe during AnimeRev. Acording to the video description “…our maid team will serve you food, decorate them, cast a spell, play games with you, and do performances for you!”

The maids are cute to say the least (at my age, I can no longer say the word “attractive” when concerning women so young). And the fact that they took part in uniforms that provided little warmth from our West Coast spring weather, tells me alot about their determination. My guess is the service at this year’s con will be top notch. And don’t fret over the poor person in the Totoro costume. If the weather was a bit chilly, he’s nice and toasty warm (blue toes notwithstanding).

The funny part of this vid comes at 1:03 when a man (perhaps a student) walks out from the left of the screen, looks at what is happening on the stairwell and then quickly leaves. Comedy gold perhaps with the potential to go viral. I’ll just wait and see.

For now I am extremely excited to be attending my first Anime Revolution convention. And I look forward to the excitement of being among anime fans as I was at Tsukino Con months earlier and the 1995 Anime Expo. [I wonder if James will ever explain his 20 year gap? I’ve done at least 6 times the amount he has. –Ed.]

I hope to see you all there.

To register for Anime Revolution 2014, you can visit their official website here.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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