Final Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Unveiled and Thoughts

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Spider-Man 2 Poster

Sorry Electro and Goblin, but the villain I want to see is the Rhino in Amazing Spider-Man 2. The film re-imagines the suit of armor that will define this behemoth and it looks awesome. And this latest trailer — hopefully it is definitely the last one — leading up to the movie it sets up the ultimate tease where Spidey looks like he will get stomped.

If Stan Lee was to describe this film: it’s going to be astounding, unapologetic and apocryphal.  It may even lead in to a Spider-Man and Iron Man tie in if the studios are willing, especially when viewers are noting just how the Rhino suit is designed.

But this trailer also sets up who is Spider-Man; well, that’s Peter Parker of course! When Parker spouts off, “I am Spider-Man,” with a passionate conviction, was that really needed? Visions of Tim Burton’s Batman comes to mind. This setup shows that there is a lot going on in Parker’s life. He is trying to figure out what happened to his parents. Instead of being traitors or spies, his father, Richard, is definitely a research geneticist. 

Apparently, a fair number of years have passed since last he saw his old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), who now holds a position at Oscorp. He tells Parker that he is being watched. But by whom? Could that be Norman? A variety of clips from past trailers are reused which shows him walking through a vault that foreshadows the coming of the Goblin and Vulture. Only one of the two will appear in this second installment, and sadly, I do not care much for either based on the trailers and what I can recall from the first film. DeHaan still feels like an example of miscasting, but only time will tell if I can like him when I see him fully in the role.

But for readers of the comic book, they will know that Gwen Stacey’s (Emma Stone) fate is sealed, and the build-up for that eventual moment is most likely going to happen in this film. This will be her last dance. So where is Mary Jane? People following the news will know that she will not be revealed until the third film, but she might get a brief cameo in this film if director Marc Webb is wise.

The good aspect of this second installment are in the fact that this sequel is upping the ante by tripling the villain quotient. The bad part is that it’s no doubt going to end with an anticlimax. The ugly is two-fold: One, the Sinister Six is no doubt going to appear and to introduce the rest of this team is going to be difficult, if not hokey, when considering how much needs to be done to explain these added characters.

For point two, today’s audience demands a decent character driven tale than a film with overdosed CGI effects. This second movie looks like it is overflowing with that if this final trailer is any indication, and let’s hope some decency can be found in this mega-budgeted film.

Author: Ed Sum

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