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By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


*Spoiler alert

Fans for the next chapter in the Star Wars saga do not have to wait long. Production is more than well underway for Star Wars: Rebels, the animated Disney-approved bridge between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and IV: A New Hope, and the look is fantastic. It faithfully continues in the same style as The Clone Wars, and injects perhaps a much-needed change in the style of narrative when it airs late 2014 on DisneyXD.

New characters have been introduced in a series of Youtube videos published on Valentine’s day, and the love from fans will no doubt be huge. The story will be not be too familiar. Instead of the traditional roles of master teaching apprentice, the importance of who is teaching whom may well be part of an ongoing narrative.

Ezra is the new heartthrob in this new part of the Star Wars saga. This tween can easily follow in the same footsteps as Han Solo and when one of the spaceships, The Ghost, featured in the trailers bears a slight semblance to the Millennium Falcon, albeit more wedge-shaped, this possibility might come true.

But another character, Kanan, will have to figure out what his mojo will be. He’s being labelled the “Cowboy Jedi” by the production team. After Order 66 has terminated many Jedi, the handful of survivors have to hide the fact that they are Force-sensitive. When that includes Ezra, just what these two will end up being (mentor and student) will no doubt pay tribute to the many central themes that Star Wars expounds upon. And the lightsaber fights will no doubt be spectacular, especially when there are a few new designs presented in the trailers.

That also includes a new villain known as The Inquisitor. Just who he is will be masked in a little mystery. He is under orders by Darth Vader to search for any Jedi survivors and finish the job. Knowledge of this central villain has been made public last year in October, and presented here is a collection of most of the behind the scene teaser videos Disney has released to date, including one new astromech to grace the scene.

Meet Ezra, the Street-Smart Hero

Meet Kanan, the Cowboy Jedi

Meet Chopper, the Astro-mech Droid

Meet The Inquisitor

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