[Chiyoda, Tokyo] Pretty Undead Maids All in a Row

14 Oct

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Translation: "Warning! There is a zombie outbreak in this building!"

Translation: “Warning! There is a zombie outbreak in this building!”

Halloween isn’t widely celebrated in Japan but there is at least one place in Japan you can go to get your ghoul on, Schatzkiste, a Akihabara culture café is holding their fourth annual Maid of the Dead in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Schatzkiste is part of a franchise of maid cafés. And at the Akihabara location you’ll be treated to some fun in the form of zombie maids who’ll serve you some frighteningly fun food. Some of the tasty treats that will be featured are Nameless Horror Omurice, Smashed Brain Cheese Cake and Eyeball Juice.

According to Rocket News 24, if traditions are kept from the last Maid of the Dead, customers can expect the following:

zombiemaidDuring the weekend of October 25 – 27, 2013, a virus will infect the maids of Schatzkiste turning them into walking horrors with an insatiable craving for excellent customer service and human flesh. The latter is suppressed through use of a magic wand by the head maid. Guests are advised not to touch the zombies.

What’s interesting is that the maids become more grotesque with each passing day as the virus progresses, eventually decaying.

TNT, known for their claymation shorts such as Chainsaw Maid, have produced a great promo vid for the event.

Warning: This video contains graphic content. Claymation people were injured to make this video!

For myself I would love to take part in this event but due to already existing obligations, I will just have to read about it in the reports from fellow bloggers. For our readers, you can learn more about Maid of the Dead from Rocket News 24 or Crunchyroll.

Source(s): Rocket News 24, Crunchyroll, YouTube User Takena, Akiba Blog.

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