LEGO Merchandise Galore in Anticipation for the Movie!

73281By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The LEGO Movie is going to be big, if not bigger than anyone can construct it. Due in theatres Feb ’14, this product will have a variety of merchandise ready for it, including a video game and building sets that will recreate moments from the film. Based on the teasers, the Wild West and Space will be part of the entourage of getting audiences, new and old, of knowing what the line of tie-in products can offer.

The only issue video gamers may wonder about is if TT Games’ adaptation will offer anything new to the table. All of their past LEGO movie tie-in products have been the same platform engine but with tweaks added. Players run around solving puzzles, collecting coins, jumping around and saving their partner (in two person play) from a tough to navigate area. The typical boast of different playable characters and added levels is nothing new to gamers who have tried the LEGO games. Honestly, that needs to change. To own a game just for the humorous cut-scenes is not enough.

At least the plethora of other products ranging from clothing to movie guides will show that nothing is going to be untouched merchandise wise. LEGO is very popular for people of all ages. The question of just how much glut is going to happen will get answered when the film releases next year.

Author: Ed Sum

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