A New “Evolution” for Transformers Prime Beast Hunters?

These characters are better off posed to appear in the movie than the Transformers Prime series.

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Just how many factions exist the Transformers universe? Originally, there were the Autobots and the Decepticons in a battle over which is the right way to herald a new Cybertron, but now with an ancient class of beasts resurrected, the Predacons might take center stage. That’s only if Megatron or Optimus Prime lets them.

In “Evolution,” Predaking shows that Darwin is right. The survival of the fittest is the only way to dominate, not rule. Megatron has lived by that adage for far too long. After Shockwave reveals the next stage of Project Predacon is well along the way, the Decepticon hierarchy fears reprisal when the dragon shows his true colours. The nameless dragon has finally taken a name, Predaking, much like how Megatron did in the Transformers: Exodus novel.

This beast also developed intelligence and demonstrates even more deceit than those that he’s allied with. But is he truly the last of his kind? This latest episode suggests that he may very well be, but hopefully not. A tiny plot hole of the fact that Shockwave did not purge his underground lab of all his records will hopefully get looked at later.

And somewhere in the saga, other Predacons exist. As for whether or not Predaking will meet up with them, the likelihood is slim. The toy line reveals that Grimwing, Vertebreak and Ripclaw are part of this particular continuity. But as for whether or not they will be part of the computer animated series, the likelihood is low given that the countdown is now on for the finale. These characters are better off posed to appear in the movie than the Transformers Prime series.

With a good portion of this episode being one massive WWE style slugfest, the Predacons were posed to be a viable threat to both factions. More might exist in Shockwave’s cloning chambers back on Cybertron but as for when … some waits are going to be difficult.


And the patience that Ultra Magnus has for his soldiers cum teammates becomes a lesson too. This episode has a great subtext in how important preserving family lines can be. Not only does Ultra Magnus get a lesson in it, but also so does the beast. Predaking wants his cloned line of fellow Predacons to survive. Magnus realizes that commanding an army is not the best way to preserve morale, but rather fostering family is. For an episode that is boundless in scope, it continues in a fine tradition of storytelling by revealing small surprises along the way.

Hopefully the Prime universe will continue on. After all, the Dinobots still need to make an appearance somehow. They already have in IDW’s comic book continuation. Mairghread Scott, writer of the Beast Hunters comic, has confirmed during Botcon 2013 that by issue six, these two threads will join up. And the producers of the animated product would be remiss to not acknowledge them, at least in passing for either the animated series or to introduce for the movie.

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