Zoe Lister-Jones’ Slip is Sweetly Funny than Scary When Hungry Ghosts are Referenced

Despite the dimension hopping going on, trying to lay down evidence Slips through the cracks in this well meaning comedy.

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Mae Cannon (Zoe Lister-Jones) is not happy, and she wishes for change. When her current marriage with Elijah (Whitmer Thomas) is devoid of romance, the world she Slip (without the s) into–which is also the title of this character-driven comedy–is different after each one-night stand.

In each episode, she Quantum Leaps into another version of herself. At first, she tries to figure out what’s going on, and although I disagree with her idea, my theory has better weight so she won’t fall down again. Unlike that NBC series, she has no mission to right a wrong, and the situation gets quirkier as she questions why this latest relationship matters. The story by Lister-Jones gets stranger, and it has to be binge-watched to appreciate the various character arcs going on.

The people Mae meets change each episode, and for the most part, the series considers what makes life worth living for than to stay dragged in the mud. This talent is also great at looking bewildered at the start of her next leap after she has an orgasm. Ultimately, she’ll have to decide if returning to her reality is worthwhile than sticking to the one she’s at.

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