Otaku no Film Review: Bounty Hunters (2016)

BountyHuntersCastPosterBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind-up Geek) and Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

James: There is a lot to say about Asian comedy action flicks, China and Japan’s in particular. They are of a different garden variety than North Americans are used to. They stand somewhere between Lethal Weapon and The Naked Gun. It’s an acquired taste for this particular movie goer and unless you have spent many years of your life growing accustomed to such cinema, the road in may be a bumpy one.

Ed: … and for James, he does not see as much as I do. Mind you, I binge on the Asian cinema more often and I like to watch the supernatural stuff along with the occasional light-hearted material. I go out of my way to hunt for Asian films that catch my interest in Chinese video rental shops in my home town and Vancouver. I do not limit myself to the names who have managed to make some dent in the North American entertainment scene — namely Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow and Sammo Hung. There’re new celebrities these days, and Bounty Hunters is a vehicle for making Lee Min-ho an international star. But there are other well-known names in the South Asian entertainment scene in this film, and I recognized a few names.

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