Great Places To Shop: Aberdeen Centre in Richmond

Here in Aberdeen Centre. they have Beard Papa’s, Frappé Bliss, Leung Kee Cantonese Food (my favourite), Ajijiman (Ed’s Favourite) and more!


Aberdeen Centre
4400 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, British Columbia

James Shaw: Ed had this cybernetic glint in his eye. He wanted a new gaming keyboard from NCIX but to me it’s just a keyboard.

You should see how old my computer is. But Ed is the type who likes to keep in touch with new technology. He wrote articles about current and future tech trends for Nexus Newspaper when he was in college, JTM Games currently, and he occasionally contributes to a host of other nerdy websites. But my interest was piqued when he brought me to this fabulous Asian indoor mall in Richmond called Aberdeen Centre.

Ed Sum: Well, let’s simply call James an Aberdeen virgin. He’s never been here before so everything he saw was new to him. I’ve been far and wide; I’ve visited Metrotown in Burnaby, West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, and the “Death Star” of all shopping meccas, The Cube, in Kyoto.

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