Will They Sink or Swim? Waterboys, a Movie Review


By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

  • Spoiler Alert

The Celtic folk-rock band The Waterboys formed in 1983, and to discover a film called Waterboys to highlight this band’s musical legacy got me excited. Listening to this style of music lifts my spirit. From The Paperboys (a Vancouver band) to Wolfstone, the gambit is slightly restricted in what’s available for me discover locally in record stores instead of regularly ordering online. I prefer physical over digital. Plus, my town is home to the Highland Games and Celtic Festival (well past 150+ years!) and the community is large.

The fact this movie is set to music is important. Those “high roads and low roads of Scotland” also define part of the life of novelist Victor (Leopold Witte). Because this film originally released in 2016, I was able to find it via online streaming services and not rely on a local film festival to see it. I thank them for making me aware of this product but to watch it on the big screen is not worth an expensive bottle of whiskey. This film is enjoyable, a great father-son cum road trip tale. Plus, the afterparty did not promise any haggis. I’m better off going to The Orr family Butcher to buy and afterward, take the long road to Sidney, BC to view at Star Cinema — assuming a few tickets are still available.

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