Unwrapping The Boxtrolls, A Blu-ray/DVD Review

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Studio Laika’s The Boxtrolls is a very bourgeois film. Unless viewers know something about how European nations historically treated the lower class, some aspects of the tale will feel alien. Some explanation is offered in the home video release’s director’s commentary, but for the most part, the point of the bonus material is to show how much work was put into this adaptation of Alan Snow’s children’s novel, “Here Be Monsters!”

The story takes place in the fictional country of Norvenia rather than some real world. Anyone who has studied Western Civilization knows how some growing cities saw revolt when one social class chastised another. As a result, this film examines the problems facing the town of Cheesebridge. A baby is lost, and Archibald Snatcher (wonderfully voiced by Ben Kingsley) blames the trolls! Those who fear them stay safe in their domiciles, while the monsters and a human boy named Eggs (Isaac Hempstead Wright) skirt the city at night. These night crawlers scavenge for food and other sundries to make their life underground possible.

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Wind up Geek’s Ten Must See Movies – Sept, 2014

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

JackhammerPosterOkay, I know what you are thinking –what happened to the five must see? To be quite honest, it has changed and this format is how it’ll be from now on.

I’ve learned that a number of sites such as this one only touch on movies released in North America (okay, USA) but what of other countries? There is so much good cinema to get excited over even during a dry month like September.

What I present here (at least for this month) won’t represent the films of every country. Some films like those from Italy I was not able to learn the release dates to. But I’m sure that over time, I’ll discover where to look. For now you’ll have to satisfy yourself with my limited list over the next couple of months.

I hope what you see will whet your appetite.

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