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Is There Something About Mary and the Witch’s Flower? Release Dates & More

14 Mar


By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)


Video release May 1, 2018

Yes, Kiki has competition and even Jiji has a challenger in Studio Ponac’s Mary and the Witch’s Flower. When considering the talents involved previously worked at Studio Ghibli, the style is not surprising. Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s filmography includes Mononoke Hime, Spirited Away and Mei and the Kittenbus — where he worked as an artist. As a director, he is well known for Arriety and When Marnie was There.

The colour palette and design looks like it came from Whisper of the Heart. The character design of the lead, Mary, suggests she is a grown-up version of Mei from My Neighbour Totoro. The personality is completely different but there were times I wondered how many times Yonebayashi is paying respect. Too much familiarity can be found instead of offering something visually new. Tip is a different kind of cat. He is self-assured and adorable. He becomes a familiar to the young girl in her adventure through Wonderland.

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