If “We Are Not Alone,” Then Why Are the Aliens Hiding and How Do We Make Contact?

Thankfully there’s ways to make contact with the fantastic, and Serena DC shows why We Are not Alone in her latest documentary presentation.

We Are Not Alone Key ArtAvailable on VOD and DVD Beginning Oct 3, 2023

We Are Not Alone is Serena DC‘s next foray into the subject of the supernatural. Instead of going Beyond the Grave (review link), she’s looking above the stars to explore how anyone can make alien contact. Close encounters of the fifth kind (CE5) are extremely rare for the non-spiritualist, and that’s because he or she has never been attuned to that cosmic consciousness. After watching this latest, that’s the theory I have.

Surprisingly, Andrea Parren appears in this documentary. While some people don’t consider ghosts and UFOs as the same, what if they aren’t? Perhaps what makes them similar is that it concerns dealing with entities that don’t exist in our natural world. It doesn’t matter if that alien is projecting itself across the universe and what we see is actually energy as upon death; the body loses some mass–perhaps occupied by electricity, which makes up the 21.3 grams while alive. Although this idea isn’t presented, to get to the science would probably slow down the purpose of this film.

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Who Can Rest Beyond the Grave, When the Living is Calling For You?

Death should not be feared. Instead, it should be regarded as a transition point from one state to another, and Beyond the Grave is decent at exploring the various possibilities on what that may be….

Beyond the Grave Movie PosterAvailable on Digital Streaming Platforms Beginning Sept 5, 2023

Serena DC’s Beyond the Grave is a fascinating documentary that dares to tackle the topic of what happens when the mortal body is ready to shut down and if the spirit persists afterwards. Although this is not really a subject to discuss in the middle of Ghost Month, I’m sure some Asians are wondering if their loved ones are doing okay.

This filmmaker is better known for Contact – The CE-5 Experience, and although that work is about encountering aliens from outer space, maybe that’s what we become when entering the aether, and have to deal with a new incorporeal reality. As for whether paranormal investigators and ghost hunters can find evidence for this continued existence, that’s still debatable.

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