The Scorpion King’s Last Sting? A Movie Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


In practically every Scorpion King direct-to-video sequel made to date, there’s never been any authentic Middle Eastern flavour. The producers film in exotic countries that are not even near this troubled area. Either they have no clue in what to do next in this series or they are just trying to milk the pulp action aesthetic for all its worth with no signs of when Mathayus (now played by Victor Webster) will become king and lay siege to Thebes. This latest entry, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, arrives today in stores willing to carry this product.

A hero’s journey is needed before Mathayus can become even a man to rally behind. With most of the video releases, he’s mostly embarking on a world tour. Will that help him become a better king? Maybe. His reputation as the Scorpion King precedes him, and if he is going to be feared, he needs to develop that reputation further. He’s gone to the Far East and returned to Egypt, but the biggest question that needs to be asked with this fourth film is just where the heck is Norvania? Does this place even exist in historical maps? When this latest entry to the franchise includes nods to Germanic culture, Western style dragons and Zulu warriors, this movie is a head-scratcher.

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