Disney’s Re-imagining of Pete’s Dragon is Warm and Fuzzy

Petes_dragon_2016_film_posterBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Trying to convince my buddy James Shaw to go see the remake of Pete’s Dragon is like pulling hair. When considering he has a fondness for the original and does not want memories of that being tarnished, I had to wonder if this fuddy-duddy will ever accept anything modern? For example, he hates using tablet computers whereas I love using them. In comparing him to the original version starring Sean Marshall, I have to say they both have that lost look which makes them excellent company for one another. But I have to ask, who is leading the blind? In this film’s case, who knows how to phone home first? Is the dragon a figment of Pete’s imagination or is he an extraterrestrial? Most likely neither. But in this remake, the concept of a lost individual (be it human or animal) needing to find that forever home impressed upon me sooner than later.

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