Tinkering with the Gremlin Formula, A Movie Review

This SyFy Network style movie of the week suggests Gremlins are living in a gear box of their lord’s making and the strange markings on it are counting down to doomsday.

gremlin 2017 ryan bellgardt monster movie posterUncork’d Entertainment

Writer/Director Ryan Bellgardt‘s attempt to play with one Gremlin (this film’s title) instead of many might be better served if the tiny jinx was named something else. This name implies the titular creature is based on the folklore. Whether that’s with the classic Twilight Zone episode, “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” or Joe Dante’s 1980’s horror comedy, I feel this movie is better off being renamed.

If there are any connections with the lore, B-horror movie fans can find out when it releases July 11 on VOD.

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