Kickstarting Cthulhu the Conquerer!

by Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


When two great minds think alike, an older creation from H.P. Lovecraft’s world will arise. Cthulhu is a creation that’s getting a Conan the Barbarian style resurrection by creators Myke Allen and Steven Saunders in a crowd funding campaign. These two informally met at a local festival (introduced to each other by their mutual partners) and they hit it off quite well because of their common interests in fantastic literature. Saunders was editing for an e-magazine called The Uninvited at the time and needed an artist for a few stories. Allen was quick on the draw and from then on, they both realized they enjoyed working together.

“Steve’s interest is in dark noir and I was used to drawing superheros. It was a fun transition for me to build darker scenes, to develop harrowing stories. Steve sent me to the Whitechapel message board where I came up with the concept [of Cthulhu the Conqueror],” said Allen.

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