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Cats Never Stray Far in this Cosmic Tale of Survival

22 Aug

Strayed Comic Book Cover

Released: August 14th, 2019
Spoiler Alert

Dark Horse Comics has not Strayed off the beaten path, but is featuring a cat by the name of Lou. Writers Carlos Giffoni and Artist Juan Doe are two-thirds of the team (Matt Krotzer provides the lettering) who crafted a cosmic tale about a kitty who is much more than a familiar to Kiara. She is not a witch, but is rather a member of a scientific team wandering the galaxy. They are a compassionate pair and have little to say in the colony ship they are living in. The military’s plan for how to terraform other worlds for human recolonization is just not right.

We know cats have many skills they cultivated since the days of neanderthal (and Ancient Egypt). If the creators plan on drawing any ideas from these past civilizations in future issues, I will wait in bated breath. I adore cats and know just how important they were back then. As for their role, some people believe they can see into the future and other paranormal things.

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