Video Game to Movie Adaptations ‘Uncharted’ Future…

Right now, it’s no better than the Tomb Raider reboot, and I’m still waiting for news about where that other franchise is going.

Uncharted: New Movie Poster and Images Revealed - IGNNow Playing in Theatres

Tom Holland still has his Spider abilities when playing Nathan Drake in the live action adaptation of the video game Uncharted and it doesn’t help make this film exciting. He’s still Peter Parker at heart and unless he can play against typecast, it’ll be difficult to see him play anything else.

Fandom has forgotten about the fan-film with Nathan Fillion as the lead. The screenplay by Rafe Lee Judkins, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway acknowledges the game in a way which I don’t recall from the games and it just feels odd. The cinematic take considers how maps can point to treasure and quite often, that’s not the case. It can lead to disaster, or perhaps to landing in Davy Jone’s Locker. In this movie’s case, it’s about setting up Nathan (Holland) and Victor Sullivan’s (Mark Wahlberg) relationship and how it’d play out when they’re in the field. These two aren’t exactly perfect for each other.

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King Arthur Never Met Transformers: The Last Knight


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)
* Spoiler Alert

Only morbid curiousity motivates me to continue watching the live-action version of Transformers. The fifth film, subtitled The Last Knight, offers opportunities to explore the world in new ways. To watch vehicles morph into bipedal form gets the kid in me giddy in delight. But as anyone who love the original animated material and toy lines will tell you, they will not be seeing this film because it’s not their Transformers anymore. I know folks vehement in their disdain of this cinematic (i.e. Michael Bay) treatment. Despite my longing to simply loathe it because of the people involved or how terrible the ideas get executed, I have to observe how far gone this universe is.

At the same time, as an enthusiast of King Arthur‘s literary and historical legacy, I wanted to see if this film has any redeeming factors. Pairing the Transformers with this legend has been done before (“A Decepticon in King Arthur’s Court”), and I hoped part of this movie will see this warrior’s messianic return to save the day. Instead of mighty robots, a human (or ancestor of) can certainly turn the tide.

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Patriots Day, Independence Day and its All Star Cast …

patriots_day_filmBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Mild Spoiler Alert

Patriots Day is one of those dramatic tales about human resilience and when it’s based on the days leading up to and following The Boston Marathon Bombing from April 15, 2013, the action is certainly no Independence Day, ala Will Smith. The tension is high and like a rubber band waiting to be released, we are waiting for that unsettling moment to take place and are in for a ride as viewers follow the aftermath. I’m sure this movie was tough to watch for those who were there to experience the events firsthand. To see a metropolis in lock down, turned into a ghost town because martial law was declared, is a look into how America responds to terrorism.

To watch CSI on the big screen is far more interesting than the television show mostly because not a lot of crime dramas grab me. This movie caught my attention because of the ensemble cast to whom I know more about their work in the comic book/summer blockbuster front. The story by Peter Berg (who also directed), Matt Cook, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson did a great job at pulling me into the tale and never letting go. The story delved into multiple perspectives and it came together into one nicely threaded story with a resounding theme.

While some lives were more directly affected than others and as for how much was overdramatized, only the folks who were there can tell you.

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New Transformers 4 Teaser Unleashed & Analysis!

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Transformers 4 Poster

A new trailer to bring dino-mania to new heights has been unleashed today that shows Optimus Prime slugging it out with Grimlock. Their alliance is not sealed yet in this teaser for Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. And for fans following what each trailer unit has been unveiling, the Autobots and Dinobots will eventually have to tag team to deal with an old threat. Megatron will no doubt be back, but as for how (he was gruesomely killed in the last movie), that needs to be explained.

And the US Government looks like they are not happy after what happened in Chicago many years ago, when Sam Witwicky put the whole world into danger’s way again. He no doubt found retirement from this series when both he and Carly decided to settle down.

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