“Parka” or Fur Baby? Sometimes You Have to be Careful in What You Love More in this Horror-Comedy

Sometimes, a pandemic can throw plans to release a short film out the window, but for those folks who love director Alrick Bursell’s The Alternate will find this work, co-directed by Marcella Cortland, a great diversion to set up the horror Halloween season that’ll be quick to come!

Parka Poster Final
Please see below for where this short film will soon be offered.

Before Alrik Bursell made The Alternate which I absolutely enjoyed (review link), this director worked on Parka. It’s a short film which is finally available to stream beginning Sept 13th, 2023, and it’s a great horror-comedy with a bit of an animal rights message added on top. The spin is very Stephen King. Or should I say it’s presented like one of Joe Dante’s horror films, namely Gremlins?

The premise is simple: Lauren Taylor excellently plays a well to do, stuck up socialite named Sara that can put Alexandra (from the classic Josie and the Pussycats cartoon) to shame. She claims to be a well-meaning activist in various circles, but the snarky attitude and what’s said foreshadows what’s still to come. After talking to her bestie, Josh (played by Ed Gonzalez Moreno), what they discuss is worth paying attention to. The direction by Bursell and Marcella Cortland really plays with emphasizing what’s important and also set up the expectations for later.

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