Oomomo Victoria, BC Please!

I prefer this Oomomo over Walmart for daily essentials. My hope and all I can ask is if they can set up shop in Victoria. 

Company Name Change Announcement - Yokoyaya to Oomomo (Downtown Vancouver) — Oomomo | Japanese Household EssentialsBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Daiso Canada rebranded as OOMOMO a year ago, and this company sells Japanese daily living necessities. This place is my go to place whenever I’m on the mainland, and with this year being what it is, I haven’t headed there until recently. I often go there to buying media storage products in bulk and affordable replacement screen protectors. Now, they have a few other items on my list that I’m glad to stock up on.

There are eight locations across Canada. I’m amused three are in Vancouver. Aberdeen Centre is their biggest store, and it’s almost fully operational. Their e-shop is running, and shoppers can stop by to pick up their orders. I’m glad they’re taking the pandemic seriously. But when they allow regular shopping and wandering the aisles, the search for Sanrio products begins!

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