A Look at Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams. A DVD Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

910gsOx1UrL._SY445_I’ve always been fascinated with discovering what dreams are made of and there’s plenty of library material to look at for self-study or to be entertained by. On this special list is the stop motion animated epic, Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams (Das Sandmännchen: Abenteuer im Traumland).

It’s a wonderful film because of the positive messages it imparts to younger audiences and for myself, the world it presents is comparable to other dream tales I enjoyed prior. The fantastic that’s evoked in H.P. Lovecraft‘s haunting world of the Dreamlands, the endlessness of the beauty found in Robin WilliamsWhat Dreams May Come and the innocence of youth that Nemo represented in his Adventures In Slumberland are recalled in this German-made film originally released in 2010. Shout! Factory Kids released this English dubbed piece last month and my order did not arrive till recently for me to watch. There’s no bonus material with this release.

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