Is it the Wild Life in this CGI Take on Robinson Crusoe?


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Don’t ask me why, but after seeing The Wild Life, a computer animated spin on the Robinson Crusoe legend, I now have the Talking Heads‘ 1986 hit song stuck in my head. This band’s track expounds a different kind of adventure of a human sexual variety while the theatrical film takes its inspiration from Madagascar.

One question pops up though: just how the heck did Mak the parrot, Rosie the warthog, Carmello the chameleon, Pango the pangolin, Epi the echidna, Scrubby the goat and Kiki the kingfisher end up on a desolate and mostly rocky island in the middle of nowhere anyways? My guess is that they got washed up after some storm picked them up from their natural habitats and forced them here. They more or less live a contented life until a human comes ashore.

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