What’s Life Like for The Expendables 3? A Movie Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The Expendables franchise is simply about old-time action stars making one last hurrah. Some succeed at showing that they do indeed have staying power at remaining big and others are best left to sit in the annals of cinematic armageddon. For this series of films, the producers and Sylvester Stallone show that this team of soldiers turned mercenaries are going to keep on going strong and may the devil be damned if you don’t like seeing them cause carnal damage one more time. The challenge for the third movie is that these old-timers face stiff competition against the Guardians of the Galaxy and mutant turtles from city sewers a lot more than the problem that occurred a few weeks back.

During the Thursday free advance screening of this film, crowds loved the humour, action and conflict created. Despite the fact this film leaked to the Internet for wannabes to see at home, the true fans of this 80’s action showdown genre packed the house to show that everything is bigger and badder on a large screen. There’s no denying that a free movie even at the theatre will get people out, but this franchise is lucrative since it helps bring the thrill-ride action of the yesteryears back to the silver screen for fans, if not the old-timers, to enjoy.

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