Finding Carmen Sandiego & Not Letting Go

Carmen SandeigoBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

  • Available on Netflix

If anybody ever asks who (instead of where on Earth) is Carmen Sandiego, then all I can say is she isn’t the Pink Panther. She’s more like Robin Hood, stealing from thieves to return the riches to where it should belong, the museum or the original owners. The attempts to capture her make these two franchises similar. Key to this comparison is Chase Divineaux, a bumbling French Interpol Agent intent on catching her. Not only are they revitalizing a beloved franchise but also they have a live action version in the works, which too stars Gina Rodriguez. She voices this character and gives enough joviality to make her the perfect choice to play the lead.

Additionally, this massive property is about teaching the world to youths. As viewers catch up with this elusive figure, they discover aspects of the country she recently popped up in. Not only does the style of adventures she winds up in has the feel of Kim Possible (including the character designs) but also the adversaries the heroine faces are straight out of Kill Bill. Thankfully, the talents involved in creating the series are not out to glorify violence or bloodshed. Some of the criminals being trained by VILE specialize in either one type of thievery or have a trademark weapon to use. Duane Capizzi (Transformers Prime) is the showrunner, and I’m fairly sure he is drawing from the Lupin the 3rd franchise for inspiration too.

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