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[Victoria, BC] Curious Comics Fall 2013 Plans

12 Sep

By Ed Sum

Curious Comics

Nerd row has gotten a whole lot more geekier with Curious Comics set to change its stock in its new storefront, formerly Curious! Two, to all things board and role playing games related.

Unlike their neighbouring store, Yellowjacket, where it places particular emphasis on Magic the Gathering, Curious Comics’ new gaming store will stand out by leaning more on hosting an open space where gamers and come in to play the latest in RPG games and miniature battles. Pokémon and Yu-gi-Oh seems to be well in hand at Skyhaven Games, and Warhammer with Games Workshop, but gamers crave more. Other systems exist like Reaper Miniature’s own Warlord system, but sometimes they get missed because of the lack of marketing involved to get them as well known.
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