[Victoria, BC] Curious Comics Fall 2013 Plans

By Ed Sum

Curious Comics

Nerd row has gotten a whole lot more geekier with Curious Comics set to change its stock in its new storefront, formerly Curious! Two, to all things board and role playing games related.

Unlike their neighbouring store, Yellowjacket, where it places particular emphasis on Magic the Gathering, Curious Comics’ new gaming store will stand out by leaning more on hosting an open space where gamers and come in to play the latest in RPG games and miniature battles. Pokémon and Yu-gi-Oh seems to be well in hand at Skyhaven Games, and Warhammer with Games Workshop, but gamers crave more. Other systems exist like Reaper Miniature’s own Warlord system, but sometimes they get missed because of the lack of marketing involved to get them as well known.

IMG_1073smFond times were remembered by this author who frequented the (closed) Hillside location, with Glenn Russell hosting frequent Reaper nights. But when insurance can not cover an open area next to the retail store to game and the landlords raised the rent to the units here, Curious Comics closed shop and there was no other place to play Call of Cthulhu on those misbegotten nights when fog would drawl upon the lonely city of Victoria.

With this new storefront, the chances of allowing gamers to find a new venue to hang out in and role play well into the night will be welcomed. Location is everything, and hopefully the hours will also include evenings to game. For now, the tentative hours that this store will operate at are from Monday to Wednesdays 9:30am-6pm, Thursday-Friday 9:30am-8pm, Saturday 9:30am-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.

IMG_1074smOn the idea list includes a venue to play games like Dungeons & Dragons, Heroclix, Warmachine and Flames of War. Particular emphasis will be offered for the latter two games. Warmachine is a steampunk style tabletop miniatures battle game that’s set in a completely different world that Warhammer uses, and Flames of War is a different miniatures game that allows players to recreate scenarios set in World War II.

At the back of the store is a large table where these games will be set up. Space permitting and depending on the popularity of these demos, additional tables may be put into place so smaller squirmishes can happen. The eventual goal is to have extended operational evening hours on Weds and Friday nights so gamers have a place to hang out in.

The store will make its opening Sept 18th.

Updated: Sept 18th, 2013

Author: James Robert Shaw

Making a comeback.

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