Abruptio Takes Viewers Away From the Everyday to the Eerie

Evan Marlow has a terrific movie that uses puppets in all its forms to reveal all that’s Abruptio!

Abruptio Movie Poster 2023Playing at Fantaspoa Film Festival
April 30, 3:30 PM BST

The hyperrealism put behind the puppet horror film Abruptio is perhaps why this movie is called that. Here, we’re looking at a very relatable story—Les Hackel (James Marsters) has nowhere to go in life. He’s in a dead-end job, lives with his parents and recently got dumped by his girlfriend. What takes him out of the everyday humdrum is that he finds a bomb implanted in his neck, and he’s not the only one.

Pretty soon, he’s tasked to carry out tasks if he wants to keep his head, and the jobs differ from what the Suicide Squad does. This film exists somewhere between what defines a thriller and a character study. The look on the human condition is what makes this work become an instant cult-classic!

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