Skydance Animation’s Luck is Silly and Sweet, But What About Bob?

Had “Good Luck Charm” been used, any version, this film’s tone would’ve been more straightforward.

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Skydance Animation’s Luck is an enjoyable movie because of Bob (Simon Pegg), but as for the other cute critters involved, perhaps not so much. It uses all the tropes known in storytelling and folklore about what it means to be lucky in life but as for what it all means, that’s a discourse not really being examined.

This Scottish black cat’s uncanny resemblance to Jiji (from Kiki’s Delivery Service) got me curious, and it’s tough to not critique the over the top accent this actor used. However, there’s a reason behind why this curious feline did what he did. I laughed out loud when he showed his true colours.

He’s just as unlucky as Samantha (Eva Noblezada) at times. Since the days of yore, they are simply considered bad luck. He’s not at fault for all of this young lady’s problems. She’s neither clumsy nor hapless. It’s possible the cosmos just has other plans for her. Leaving the orphanage and her friends behind is rough. She’s an adult. Fortunately, a chance encounter with the said feline changes things around.

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