Skydance Animation’s Luck is Silly and Sweet, But What About Bob?

Had “Good Luck Charm” been used, any version, this film’s tone would’ve been more straightforward.

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Skydance Animation’s Luck is an enjoyable movie because of Bob (Simon Pegg), but as for the other cute critters involved, perhaps not so much. It uses all the tropes known in storytelling and folklore about what it means to be lucky in life but as for what it all means, that’s a discourse not really being examined.

This Scottish black cat’s uncanny resemblance to Jiji (from Kiki’s Delivery Service) got me curious, and it’s tough to not critique the over the top accent this actor used. However, there’s a reason behind why this curious feline did what he did. I laughed out loud when he showed his true colours.

He’s just as unlucky as Samantha (Eva Noblezada) at times. Since the days of yore, they are simply considered bad luck. He’s not at fault for all of this young lady’s problems. She’s neither clumsy nor hapless. It’s possible the cosmos just has other plans for her. Leaving the orphanage and her friends behind is rough. She’s an adult. Fortunately, a chance encounter with the said feline changes things around.

Wondrous' animated tale 'Luck' is a winner for Apple TV+ Skydance

It seems Bob dropped a lucky coin and pretty soon has the best day of her life. Her unselfishness can’t go unnoticed, and decides to share. She hopes her young friend Hazel (Adelynn Spoon) doesn’t go down the same route as she had–having never found her forever home–but sadly, she loses it. She’s still a klutz and no matter how good things get, something can still go wrong.

That message isn’t always clear. Neither is this story written by committee (Kiel Murray gets credit for the screenplay) to try to get to that point right away. This film has too many subplots, and the only thread keeping the tale together is in how various characters are needing to find their forever home.

I wondered if we’re supposed to enjoy watching Sam have a magical adventure in the vein of Whisper of the Heart or discover who she truly is a la The Cat Returns. Instead, we find a world where leprechauns, pigs, goats, rabbits, unicorns work together. And there’s a dragon who’s in charge of it all! The significance of the latter two is because they are considered lucky in Chinese culture, but not everyone will catch on. One issue I have is that Babe is more of a European looking dragon than Asian!

Also, the principle of yin and yang is explored in terms of why we need good and bad luck. To have both helps keep the cosmos in balance instead of to counteract. I just feel there’s something missing in this film to make it a true hit.

Even the songs used misses a beat. Madonna’s “Lucky Star” is more about that guy who is glad to be with that special someone and the feelings this song evokes says it all. The tune is a great upbeat 80s tune, but that’s about all it does. Had “Good Luck Charm” been used, any version, this film’s tone would’ve been more straightforward.

3 Stars out of 5

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