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How to Fix Disney Movie Rewards (Damaged Movie Poster) Program

19 Jan

imgresBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

First of all, I appreciate the fact Disney Movie Rewards exists to give back to the fans. Items can be redeemed after points are earned by buying this company’s products or in going to see their movies on the big screen. It takes a while for members to collect enough points to redeem for some of the cooler products, but when they get delivered, most people would think the utmost care would be put in ensuring no damage happens during shipping.

The worse thing that can happen is to find a Funko Pop! with a crack or a poster with a huge crease (which happened to me) to make it unsuitable for display. This subsidiary’s reputation is not looking too pretty in social media land. On their Facebook page, there are customers who are finding the quality assurance of printed material being sent out nearly nonexistent and points they saved up disappearing. I never had issues with the latter since I’m actively logging in and entering in my movie ticket stubs and DVD purchase codes on a bi-monthly basis.

Penny Costley, a Disney Cast Member representative is better at replying to issues through private messages than the stock public response. She must be overloaded with complaints, and I have to give her props for her exceptional patience with the numerous irate customers. I’m tackling the issue head on and suggested to her to get management investigating. As for whether this will happen is beyond my ESP abilities. I can not remote view to know if any action will indeed take place. I hope it will because 2017 is upon us. Hopefully, with a new year can mean a restart for this rewards program with a mixed reputation.

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