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Batman v Superman Memorabilia at the Royal Canadian Mint!

3 Mar

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Royal Canadian Mint Superman v Batman

Just because the Royal Canadian Mint can, they have found a niche market with collectible comic book coins. To celebrate the highly anticipated showdown in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Zack Snyder’s re-imaging of the DC universe at the end of March, this producer of currency released a variety of Kryptonian, Themysciran and Bat currency easily tradable amongst collectors but not necessarily usable in the real world.

Well, that’s unless they were pressed in half ounce silver for those interested in getting a four coin subscription (each featuring the DC’s trinity of the mightiest heroes — Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) or 24Karet gold (where only 3,000 pieces are made), showing Superman and Batman side-by-side (shouldn’t they be fighting each other?), as though ready to fight a greater foe who has yet to emerge. This pricey offering is not for the faint of heart. It’s priced at $749.95 CAD.

Other coins include a $20 Fine Silver coins featuring the two actually slugging it out. 300,000 pieces were pressed of this item. The coin that’s worth obtaining at is the “Trinity” piece featuring all three together in one angular design. The likeness of the performers are not fully recognized in this item, but it is the most attractive one of the six items offered. Artist Susanna Blunt did an excellent job in capturing the ethos of each character.

Even in the world of coin collecting, the love for 3D type collectables never goes away. The lenticular coin is neat to look at. By changing the angle, Superman turns into Batman and vice versa. While its unlikely this year’s set of collectable coins will appreciate in value, at least people can say they own a piece of Krypton, Themyscira or the Batcave.

These licensed items are approved by DC Comics.


DC’s New York Toy Fair Reveal

13 Feb

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

If you’re too busy to go to this year’s New York Toy Fair this weekend, where all your magical toy wishes come true (okay, that and Tokyo), DC Collectables has decided in their great wisdom to show us what will be on display at their booth this year.

Sadly I won’t be one of the lucky fairgoers. I’ve already committed to the events of Tsukino-Con, GottaCon, Sakura-Con and Anime Revolution. But until the day I make it to New York, I’m just going to have to whet my appetite with this vid. Thanks DC Entertainment.