Crusher Joe Film and OVAs to see Blu-ray Release in Japan

crusherjoeBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

VAP Video has confirmed Studio Nue’s 1983 animated feature Crusher Joe and it’s two subsequent OVAs will see release in Japan this year in two exclusive Blu-ray box sets. The original film directed by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko follows a crew of space odd-jobbers nicknamed “Crushers”. The team is led by Crusher Dan and his successor Crusher Joe. The film was based on the science fiction light novels by Haruka Takachiho, a founder of Studio Nue.

Crusher Joe will be remastered in 4K while the OVAs Crusher Joe: The Ice Prison (1989) and Crusher Joe: The Ultimate Weapon: Ash (1989) will be remastered in 2K

The Blu-Ray box sets will be released in a Limited Edition version and a Normal version. Here are the extras for each:

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