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Post Christmas Finding: Is That a Hyper X Mouse Under the Tree I See?

28 Dec

HyperX Logo

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Kingston Technology is best known for their computer memory products, and their foray into satisfying the needs of computer gamers began in 2012 with their HyperX branded product line. From blazing fast SSDs to longer lasting Flashdrives (I have a 4gb stick from 2008 which still works and recently picked up a pair of their MicroSDXC cards since I needed an upgrade), their reputation has certainly grown.

According to Prosettings.net, this line is neck in neck with other manufacturers, Steelseries and Razor. This benchmark is made with CS:GO (Counterstrike: Global Offensive). With intense games, players want a product that does not break down in the middle of competitive play. Even in regular everyday use, no one wants that key to get stuck or a mouse to stop working.

During the week-long holiday between Christmas and New Year’s, some people will be tearing into that latest game, and to have a new mouse and keyboard to test it with can only be exciting! Thanks to Kingston for providing their flagship products to evaluate. To put both through their paces in and outside of their intended demographic meant weeks of use than a few days (yes, I tore into the box when it first arrived than wait). Santa hates me; I’m sorry.

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