A Call to Arms: Saving the Moonless Oasis

To discover these delicate forms of life from the age of dinosaurs continue to survive is thrilling, but to preserve those growths, means raising awareness to everyone—divers, sailors and fishermen—about where they live, their significance to the aquatic biosphere and why they must be preserved.

Moonless OasisBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

World Broadcast Premiere
October 31, 8:00pm

In British Columbia and Alberta on CBC’s Absolutely Canadian and streams nationally on CBC GEM

It’s hard to believe that in British Columbia, we have our own Jurassic Park. In our case, it’s not dinosaurs that we have wandering the unexplored regions, but rather in what is growing in deep trenches underwater. Just like the franchise, the lesson conservationists need to teach is how not to meddle with evolution and protect the prehistoric glass sponge reefs from human interference. Otherwise, the result may well create an appropriately (titled) Moonless Oasis.

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