A Nerd’s Guide to the 2023 Victoria Fringe Festival

A lot more shows are offered in this year’s Victoria Fringe Festival, and fans can delight in this guide that’s sure to satisfy fans of pop culture!

Victoria Fringe Festival 2023 PosterThe annual Victoria Fringe Festival to close off the summer is looking bigger than before! That’s because previous years had the event scaling itself in accordance with BC Health rules, but now that life has settled back to where it must exist, I can’t wait to check out this year’s event. There’s now more touring shows, so for those who can’t plan to visit this garden city, there’s always the Vancouver version or the one near your locale!

The following is my nerd’s guide, and are arranged in no particular order. The links go to show dates and how to purchase tickets.

Dave and Jon’s Mixtape

Dave and Jon's MixtapeAug 24 05:00 pm
Aug 25 08:15 pm
Aug 26 02:15 pm
Aug 27 03:45 pm
Sep 02 04:30 pm

Dave and Jon are talented Improv artists, and by combining that with music, this show will no doubt be interesting to see. Just what kind of curves can be thrown at them depends on whether they can combine Ozzy with Pee Wee Herman, and anything else audiences can throw at them.


Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry

Dirk Darrow Investigations

Barry Potter and the MagicAug 30 07:45 pm
Aug 31 08:00 pm
Sep 01 09:45 pm
Sep 02 03:15 pm
Sep 03 05:00 pm

Tim Motley who is better known as Dirk Darrow is turning Barry! Anyone glancing at this show’s title will know it’s really about Harry Potter. Since he can’t get the legal permission from Warner Bros, the next best thing is to make a parody about the teenage wizard!

June Bug

Ragamuffin Productions

June Bug Ragamuffin ProductionsAug 26 04:00 pm
Aug 31 08:15 pm
Sep 01 07:00 pm
Sep 02 04:45 pm
Sep 03 02:15 pm

June Bug is an energetic and imaginative youth who loves conspiracy theories, Patrick Swayze and her granny. When her granny is abducted by aliens, June Bug is determined to save her and her home.

Renfield or, Dining at the Bughouse

Not Kansas

Renfield or, Dining at the BughouseAug 25 08:00 pm
Aug 27 03:45 pm
Aug 29 07:45 pm
Aug 30 07:45 pm
Sep 01 09:30 pm

Loosely based on the insect-eating madman from “Dracula,” Renfield sits in his room at the asylum, awaiting his Master’s arrival. Told at times from the point-of-view of the insects he has eaten, Renfield’s troubled past is revealed. Bizarre, poetic and moving. CW: Child abuse.

Moby Dick

Roderick Glanville

Moby Dick RoderickAug 25 07:00 pm
Aug 27 07:00 pm
Aug 29 06:00 pm
Sep 01 05:30 pm
Sep 02 01:15 pm

This “Nantucket sleighride”, cracks along with all the excitement and fury you’d expect from such an epic sea adventure. From Ismael to Ahab and Queequeg to Starbuck, each of the Pequod’s crew is dramatic and mysterious, funny and compelling, Glanville’s Moby Dick is a great story.

Pico and the Golden Lagoon

Pico’s Puppet Palace

Pico and the Golden LagoonAug 25 06:00 pm
Aug 26 01:45 pm
Sep 01 07:30 pm
Sep 02 12:00 pm
Sep 03 01:45 pm (Relaxed Performance)

‘Pico and the Golden Lagoon’ is an enchanting adventure story about courage, new friendships, and the wonders of nature. Created from repurposed and recycled materials, using puppetry, live music, and storytelling. Connecting audiences across generations, each show is an episode of Pico’s adventures and introduces ecological and environmental issues, innovations and ideas.


Chiaro: Scuro

Broken Rhythms

Chiaro Scuro - Broken RhythmsAug 24 08:30 pm
Aug 26 03:15 pm
Aug 27 05:00 pm
Aug 29 08:00 pm
Sep 01 07:30 pm

From the Dance Company that brought you multiple ‘Pick of the Fringe’ winning shows. Broken Rhythms takes inspiration from the Film Noir genre and Germanic Expressionism to tie together the light and dark of the human condition and uncover motivations that can lead to murder.




New Earth Bandits SNAFUAug 24 to 27, starting 6:45 pm
Aug 30 to Sept 02 starting 6:30 pm

This performance will be located at Macaulay Point Park, away from the traditional downtown core venues, and it honestly should not be skipped (weather permitting). This local group has offered fantastic shows, and we’re definitely fans! Free parking is available at Fleming Beach Boat Launch (1101 Munro st.)

Here, attendees will be time travelling 5000 years into the future to a new civilization. Roam the tunnels, cliffs and battlements of Macaulay Point Park in a choose-your-own-adventure renegade outdoor spectacle. “Hilarious, invigorating, fresh and daring!”


Bad Dog

Blue Jaye Productions

Bad DogAug 29 08:30 pm
Aug 31 07:00 pm
Sep 01 05:30 pm
Sep 02 06:15 pm
Sep 03 01:00 pm

What’s my dog really thinking? Let’s find out. A pandemic puppy (and the cat next door) try to find their forever homes—by any means necessary. Evoking elements of Garfield, Fleabag, and Ace Ventura, Bad Dog is an absurd comedy with a heart of gold.

Author: Ed Sum

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