Is Anyone Excited for the New Rescue Rangers?

The new Rescue Rangers trailer doesn’t add to what’s currently known about the film.

Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers Official New Trailer Released by Disney+Coming to Disney Plus

The new Rescue Rangers trailer doesn’t add to what’s currently known about the film, and not everyone is open to seeing this fond property from their youths modernised. Some works stand the test of time and others don’t need the 21st century upgrade. The duo have gone their separate ways, and it’s tough to say if they’re better off for it. Chip (now voiced by John Mulaney) seems to be set in the past, and Dale (Andy Samberg), however new that he is (that is, he’s rendered in 3D), the fact he’s doing conventions to make ends meet suggests that not even he can move forward to doing new projects. 

This trailer shows these cartoons are living in a Roger Rabbit type world and I’m a little intrigued. Sadly, the teases don’t convey any of the love and charm of the original 90s toon that made them famous. I’ll watch it with trepidation.

Their companion Rangers, Monty and Zipper, were more of the characters than Chip and Dale. I suspect the missing friend will be one or the other. They are on the IMDB entry for this film, despite being suspiciously missing in the trailer. Uncertain is the fate of Gadget. According to (unreliable) sources, Tress MacNeille may be reprising this much loved quiry inventor of the group.

The final trailer leaves some questions up in the air. The final product will either be a hot mess or be another Tom and Jerry movie. The 21st century makeover will have people disliking the upgrade.

Disney used to mass produce terrific television shows, but it seems these days are numbered. The company and their streaming service barely have a handful of new material I’ll tune into. The only standout of the 2019 studio era (following John Lasseter’s departure) is The Ghost and Molly McGee. It seems The Mouse is hoping that one out of the dozen reboots will be successful. If Rescue Rangers does well, then I’m guessing a new series may get green-lit, but this time it’ll be all CGI or bust.

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