Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake–Savour it!

Uncle Tetsu Soft and Sweet CheesecakeThe best time to ensure the best selection of Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake is to stop by late morning, as they are fresh from the oven. This franchise (est 1990) makes a surprisingly fluffy and delectable cake that doesn’t always have to be about dressing it up with lots more cream and sugars. I got used to the big fancy ones from other chains and local bakers, but to order something that looks basic and tastes delicious was a surprise.

Although I never saw one in the neighbourhoods when I visited Japan many years ago, I’m glad they’re expanding out to other countries like Beard Papa. 

I recall seeing the signs for this operation back in 2019 while wandering Metrotown. I’m glad they opened in the early summer of 2020, despite being amid the pandemic, and expanded into the downtown Vancouver area. They are located on 1151 Robson St. During my weekend trip to this city on a nice Spring day, I knew I had to make a return visit!

There used to be a Cheesecake Cafe back in Victoria, BC, but after the owners decided it wasn’t worth paying the rights to continue the brand name and the decadence it implied, I stopped. Not even the one in Seattle can tempt me after sampling Uncle Tetsu’s version. When I want basic comfort food, this version is tops.

As Terminal City continues to bring in Japanese chains to the fore, I have to wonder if Mister Donut is next? If some entrepreneur can set up shop or even buy the rights to use their name in Canada, I’ll be there.


Author: Ed Sum

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