The Magic in Fantastic Beasts Lays Elsewhere

The world Fantastic Beasts takes place in is a dark and David Yates wastes no time in showing off this fact.

Fantastic Beasts PosterThe backstory in Warner Bros. Fantastic Beasts hides a troubled political time in the world and part of it is revealed in Secrets of Dumbledore. I firmly believe these movies are setting the stage for showing the Nazi’s rise to power. The visual motifs are there and my prediction is that Grindelwald will become one of Hitler’s elite. He’ll have his own department to wrangle the war so one social order dominates the world.

It’s a concept fans of Hellboy (and Indiana Jones) are familiar with. I’m hoping that’s the finale JK Rowling’s navigating towards. Although my prediction for this third film is wrong, I’m okay with it. There’s two more films that may address it, and wrap up the story.

But when considering the problems this author is facing, and two of its stars having their own real world problems, this film franchise is not looking all that fantastic. Ever since this third film was released, there’s more media attention concerning this productions troubled past. There’s less of an issue concerning Johnny Depp, since the his role has a better talent involved. As for Ezra Miller, his story arc may well be over.

There’s uncertainty if this franchise is over. This third instalment is great at closing the curtains and it neatly finishes Dumbledore’s (Jude Law) story, for now. As for his role in the coming war, that’s up to the studio heads to decide if that’s worth telling or not.

Secrets of Dumbledore continues from where the last left off–showing Gellert Grindelwald’s (now played by Mads Mikkelsen) relationship to Albus, and to power. He’s planning on manipulating an upcoming election. The world Fantastic Beasts takes place in is a dark and David Yates wastes no time in showing off this fact. To think that the story takes place during the in-between years of these World Wars gives me goosebumps. The first tale was brief in telling us Jacob was a WW1 veteran, and in the second, we learn how Newt’s brother, Gellert Grindelwald, was affected. It’s about time that this background is incorporated into this tale.

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Before the great wizarding war can happen, Dumbledore and Grindelwald have to break a blood oath so they can fight. Their relationship is as deep as Orion Pax (before becoming Optimus Prime) and Megatron before the war, and those kinds of magic can’t be undone. Unlike the later works that present Albus the Headmaster, this film reveals his passions, hopes and dreams.

I want a showdown that’ll rival Albus’ own battle against Voldemort as told in Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. The cinematic battle with him and Gellert wasn’t all that exciting. It didn’t show them summoning fantastic beasts–the namesake of this franchise–fighting in their stead. It was a prologue for an even bigger fight. I hope the next two movies–if they get made–will be big, Avengers: Infinity War/Endgame style.

3 Stars out of 5

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