Want to be The Conquerer of The Route Taken In Lord of the Rings?

The Conqueror: Lord of the Rings challenge will reveal aspects from the cinematic version of J. R. R. Tolkien’s world on smartphones to fans, as they walk, run or bicycle through the realm through stories.

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People who like virtual exercise challenges may want to check out The Conqueror: Lord of the Rings! This task will reveal aspects from the cinematic version of J. R. R. Tolkien’s world on smartphones to fans, as they walk, run or bicycle through the realm through stories. In what they get are handpicked images and captions to enhance the tale. Throughout the month of April, the parent organisation, Actionary Limited, has been revealing the five paths would-be Hobbits, Rangers and orc soldiers are likely to traverse on social media.

It’s now available for a limited time, and only the brave will want to challenge this mega-mile race to destroy the one ring. The Conqueror app this company developed helps individuals count their steps instead of doing battle with invisible foes. They track the distances travelled or type the activity done, and the reward after it’s all logged is a shiny medal.

Unlike augmented reality games like Pokemon GO, where they look at the world through the app, this tracking program gives “players” a Google Maps style view and email notices recounting the history of the places they’ve visited. As each milestone is reached, a visual feature is unlocked. This company’s product is unique such that after a certain amount of distance is achieved, a tree is planted somewhere in the world. There won’t be a dedication that’s specific to an individual, but it’s their way of saying thanks to you for keeping up! They are an environmentally responsible company and, in collaboration with Plastic Bank, will also prevent the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from being dumped into the ocean.

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Other smartphone apps that simulate being at these exotic locations include RunDisney, Virtual Run and Rokman Challenge Series. Some of them are more novelty based than anything else. The former is for folks who love exclusive memorabilia. The Conqueror is highly regarded because of the community. They help motivate! Plus, the medals are nicely designed.

I came in because I was drawn to the Giza Challenge. The design of this medal sporting many Ancient Egyptian themes is beautiful, and it’s worth putting on display. But play with it too much, and you may lose the tiny prizes that’s contained within!

The program isn’t anything special other than keeping tabs on your exercise routine. I can’t imagine staring at the app while running or on a bike. The user can get hit by a car or worse! Folks can navigate around the popular spots as though they’re sort of there. Unlike virtual reality apps which let you explore every nook and cranny through movement, the photos are based on whether the person hired to digitise that part of the world has done his or her job very well.

I’d love to see 360-degree views of checkpoints where one can tap to expand or randomly explore before resuming the course. That would mean rewriting the app, and sadly, it’s not likely to happen.

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As long as people enjoy getting a physical reward, these virtual challenge programs are cool to take on. But this challenge doesn’t advertise if they have exclusive content. Actionary Limited‘s headquarters is in New Zealand, and what they haven’t said is if this offering is a partnership with Peter Jackson’s WETA Workshop.

If what’s offered is mostly regurgitated material, I’m not as keen to sign up. The One Ring reproduction may well be more affordable when compared to other ‘packages’ out there, but that won’t be enough of a draw. The money maker is in if fans outside this community think this collectible is worthwhile. This challenge has a limited amount of medals made, and so the race is on whether it’ll be available for months rather than days.

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