Fireheart Trailer and When to Expect It

The trailer shows an ambitious work about a young girl aspiring to be the world’s first female firefighter

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L’Atelier Animation’s upcoming movie, Fireheart didn’t make my lists because it’s uncertain it will hit theatres or festivals this year. It’ll make its debut in France and other territories are most likely soon to follow come Summer. This news is exciting as the trailer shows an ambitious work about a young girl aspiring to be the world’s first female firefighter, much like how Disney’s Mulan wants to join a certain boy’s club of elite warriors. 

The tale is set in New York during the roaring twenties, and this time was especially tough when women had little rights. Women’s Suffrage was getting started, and for Georgia, the teen heroine, she not only has to deal with her daddy’s opinion but also has to be in disguise if she’s being recruited. 

This movie was produced by Main Journey (Leap!), Anton (“Paddington,” “His Dark Materials,”) and Caramel Films. Not only will it have an original soundtrack but also there’ll be covers of modern pop songs. One of the early reports includes revealing how Wham’s “I’m Your Man” is used throughout this movie. This frantic song is perfect to highlight the humour to be found in this work. Early reports suggest a Mack Sennett style of storytelling, and it’s going to be perfect given the era this story.

There are high expectations for this film from a studio whose output has been small. They’re better known for Ballerina and fans of this work are taking that leap of faith that it will be terrific once it hits theatres! Let’s hope the pandemic won’t ruin where this product is played.


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