The Details are In for The Time Guardians North American Release

1 Dec

The Time GuardiansShout! Factory

Rekease Date:
Digital Feb 22, 2022
Home Video: Feb 22, 2022

Available to preorder on Amazon USA

A new Russian fantasy is coming to North America next year! The Time Guardians is a film by Alexey Telnov which will explore the past and save the future. This work brings the past of St. Petersburg to life in its dazzling visuals, and somewhere in the mists of time lurks creatures from myth from this world few really know about.

Plot Synopsis:

When Ksyusha, an orphaned young girl, is adopted by a writer and an artist, she feels like her life is finally going well. But a tragedy sends her to the Dark City, where, along with her magical assistant Paramon, she must find the lost Time Key, overcome the evil that is threatening her world, and rewind the city’s clock. With time running out and a powerful witch on her trail, she is determined to save her new family and become what she was always meant to be … a Time Guardian!


This release will contain the original Russian presentation, along with an English dub. It’s available to preorder at and Amazon USA, as well as big box stores come next year.

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