How Much do We Want to Believe? Haunted Objects Part Two

By the end of the day, this team shows there’s no definitive means to contact the other side.

Are Ouija boards the real deal? It’s tough to say when Spiritualists swear by it, occultists warn about being careful in what you seek, and mediums say as long as you perform the right ceremonies before and after use, it’s safe. This means having the right mindset, if not wards of protection up. Other caveats are to say “goodbye” before removing your finger from the planchette (which is nicely included in this video) and politely ask that those entities not follow you home afterwards. null

The We Want to Believe team (also known as Canadian Paranormal Foundation) had a fun time with this board in part two of Haunted Objects. They used an old one that was allegedly destroyed; it repaired itself the next day. They used it to communicate with those entities said to be connected with it. Instead of following up with the items they were investigating in part one, this next episode examines new objects. This episode is a different kind of watch given the jovial energy the group was putting out. If any nasty ghost was there, it’d flee instead of throwing a poltergeist tantrum.

This longer than usual episode sees the boys and girls attempt the aforementioned means to communicate with the other side. They scrying with an antique mirror in the dark. The mind and eye can play tricks in low light. One detail not revealed is in how the individual’s own desire can create their own psychokinetic energy (or magical vortex) to cause things to happen. I tried talking to a mirror at night and a mirror reflecting upon a mirror trick myself in a haunted hotel room. I also stayed overnight in the Bedford Regency, and nothing happened. It’s bad feng shui, and to the contrary, I had the best sleep in my life.

By the end of the day, this team shows there’s no sure-fire means to contact the other side. A lot of it really depends on what individuals want when attempting such a session, and if everyone is of the right mind-set. This episode shows a jocular group isn’t as likely to conjure anything spooktacular. I like to see them be more serious and attempt their own version of the Philip experiment. It’s the right season to attempt it too!

Shamans are better trained when concerning spirit manifestation and communication. The difference is also in what’s used (or consumed) to awaken those parts of the human body (usually the brain) sensitive to higher energies. Peter Renn doesn’t use drugs, but is the most experienced with the tools-of-the-trade since he’s been at it for over thirty years. 

When talking to a medicine man, they use herbs and mushrooms to allow them to see a higher vibration. The human imagination is a powerful thing, and desire alone is enough to cause some paranormal things to happen. It’s not like I can say, “There’s No Place Like Home,” and tap my heels together three times to transport myself to the Ghibli Museum anytime. I have to realistically buy a plane ticket to make that wish happen. At least Totoro has an easier time with a little rain dance to make plants grow, and now that’s a special kind of magic!


Author: Ed Sum

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