Conquer Terrains with Batman’s ATV!

Batman, All-terrain Batmobile RC | Spin MasterAvailable to Purchase on Amazon USA

Want to be Bat-man? Not everyone can, but for those who want to ride the Batmobile, there are two options: pretend that they are where ever the vehicle pops up at conventions or pick up the remote control version of the toy, and fire up the augmented reality application (available on Android and iOS) to drive it around the neighbourhood! You’re more-or-less Robin with this “game.” Here, you can drive around all kinds of terrain and do battle with virtual foes within the app by activating weapons or other tools at your disposal.

The game features integration with the brand-new All-Terrain RC Batmobile from D.C. and Spin Master!

From the Press Release:

It’s the perfect toy for outdoor play! DC fans of all ages will love this Batmobile as it engages their imagination and lets them create their own epic superhero missions. The high-tech ride features water-resistant design and custom performance to conquer any terrain — from mud to grass to snow and even water!

Drive your All-Terrain Batmobile RC in any direction with the 2.4GHz dual joystick controller from up to 100 feet away. The remote control is USB rechargeable and features out-of-range sensors, so you’ll know when your Batmobile needs to stay in range, recharge, and return to land. The iconic Batmobile is compatible with any 4” Batman Bat-Tech figure from DC & Spin Master (sold separately)! Ready to fight Super-Villains everywhere?

Are you interested in telling your readers about the app launch and how they can get their very own Bat-Tech All-Terrain RC Batmobile to play along in real life? Please let me know if you have any questions. The All-Terrain RC Batmobile is available on Amazon USA for $59.99. 2 AAA batteries not included. Ages 4+.

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