Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans Teaser Trailer & Thoughts

29 Apr

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans will release July 21, 2021, and the three series which make up the Tales of Arcadia will truly come together. Princess Aja and Prince Krel Tarron barely had a presence in the third arc, Wizards. I hope they are more involved in the film. The teaser trailer which dropped this week suggests big things.

The title brings to mind the Greek giants of yore. Executive producer Guillmero del Toro loves playing with mythology, and we may see all twelve “titans” and the mother of them all–Gaea (Earth)–as this series antagonists. She represents more than just creation. Some see her moods shifting with the seasons, and I feel the life, death and rebirth cycle also factors in. One of the monsters they face looks like a giant-sized cross between a Heatran and Gigalith from Pokemon GO, and I doubt the combined team want to catch this mad beast.

In recap, the trolls need a new home. Devoted fans of this series know General Morando sought Gaylen’s Core, which hid in Trollmarket. Whoever welds it has the power of creation and a lot more. Gunmar was born from it, and it allows the welder to destroy and create worlds. In 3Below, Morando melded with this crystalline matrix. Despite all the hype, he never took advantage of its full eldritch powers. All he got was a power upgrade. This series never hinted if other crystals / power cores exist, but I surmise many do, but they aren’t as powerful.

These gems are no doubt a source of magical power. As the first series has shown, all a user needs to do is to shape it so the energies released will operate as intended. It can’t be used raw. The Arcane Order wants the old ways to return, and they can benefit from owning a stone. The Genesis Seals can’t be broken without a third member of their sect, and they have to seek other means to wreak havoc on the Age of Man. The fact that they want to unleash something from ‘Creation’ suggests Gaea may well be the threat! The synopsis on Netflix reveals “The Champions of Arcadia uniting on an epic adventure to fight for control over the magic that binds them all.”

I’d love to see this conclusion take place in Yellowstone National park. The trailer indicates part of the story taking place at some forest, and the beast is lava-like.

Finding a jewel here can lead to many ramifications if it’s removed. For example, keeping a huge quartz crystal here to absorb the tectonic and volcanic activity is the only reason the North American midland hasn’t exploded. The harnessed energy can power anyone (or a habitat) for life. No detail was offered in Wizards if the trolls found a new place of residence. They feed off that energy to live, and this rock would be perfect. It can also restore Jim to Trollhunter status (to which I’m sure many fans are glad to see in the trailer).

How Wizards: Tales of Arcadia's Ending Sets Up The Trollhunters Movie

Plus, we need a proper Earth wizard for this series. Douxie is protecting Nari of the Eternal Forest and she is only one of three, instead of four classical elements. Bellroc is fire and Skrael is air. Earth is suspiciously missing; somebody has to represent that. Maybe the film will introduce a guardian of the land who hasn’t seen the light. It’s only protecting a heartstone from both the protagonists and antagonists. 

One expectation is certain: someone has to claim the sword Excalibur. None of the current heroes can pull it from the ground. If this series is to stick to tradition, I don’t see anyone from Trollhunters or 3Below being the rightful next “King.” Krel hardly wants to take the throne. Stuart would be an unexpected twist. 

The cliffhanger from Wizards show blind Skrael sniffing out Nari, and failing. Despite not knowing where Douxie is in the world, I suspect he’s still in California (to where the real Arcadia is located), hoping the smells from the City of Angels can mask out their scent. They have to blend in somehow, and this location is perfect to hide out from anyone! Since the A-Team can do it, I don’t see why anyone else can’t!

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