Project Dreams at Fantasia 2020! How to Build Mazinger Z’s Hanger

29 Aug

null 27By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Fantasia Digital Film Festival 2020
International Premiere
August 29th, 2020

Just when you think real life can’t imitate fantasy–namely making a full scale RX-78-2 Gundam that can move–cinema has upped the scale by postulating if we can build a working underwater hanger bay to house the Mazinger Z. The ambition is there, with an appropriate soundtrack to boot, and I couldn’t help but cheer and yell, “gambatte”. The question is, can the civil engineering company Maeda Corporation (fantasy marketing division) build it?

To note: Yes, this company is real and yes, they actually made actual plans to build this for real.

The movie Project Dreams: How to Build Mazinger Z’s Hanger answers the question with all the emotional gusto and otaku resonance from the staff (the show of love for this anime really sets the tone) to make me wish this company really built it! I love the ambition these engineers have for realizing this space. The dialogue is as corny as some of those early anime’s and the screenplay as heart.

The talents are asked to go over the top with their performance. Even better is in showing the real world physics of how improbable it is to construct the hanger.

Honestly, Mazinger Z is the granddaddy of the mecha genre. I say this anime is far more recognizable than Gundam is and yes, I’m opening a huge can of worms in this statement.

To say too much will spoil how this narrative develops. When this COVID-19 scare is over with, I’ll be planning a trip to Japan to ride that Gundam (hoping it’ll be made into a park attraction) and visit the staples many anime fans from abroad want to see. Thank you Tezuka and Miyazaki.

5 Mechs out of 5

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