On Where DC’s Stargirl Sparkles

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DC’s Stargirl has the golly gee feel of classic Americana, and I can’t wait to see the mecha S.T.R.I.P.E. in action! In this latest live action superhero treatment, high school student Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) has a lot to learn about her past. Her biological dad went missing and she’s the next in line to carry his badge of honour. Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) is part of this mystery, and when he becomes her stepdad some time later, that can either lead to problems or he has a secret agenda.

Technically, the story is set in the modern day in Blue Valley, Kansas. It’s as laid back as it can be, more reminiscent of the bygone era when we had radios belting out the tunes than smartphones.

Some years ago, the Injustice Society attacked the Justice Society of America’s HQ and they massacred many of its heroes; hope was lost and for the future, it’s strangely not ruled by the Injustice Society. Perhaps other heroes came to the fore to shut them down, or they quietly ruled the world like the Illuminati–from the shadows!

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A lot of questions are raised in the premiere episode which had a bit of an Iron Giant vibe.

The problem with adaptations of lesser-known franchises is that the television series has to go through the regular motions of setting up everything–motivations, characters, and et cetera. Unlike Justice League or Avengers, other iterations are not as well known. I’m impatient and hope to see the return of Hawkman, and Hawkgirl to this Arrowverse–or DC Television Universe. Doctor Fate’s appearance is also inevitable if the roster from the comic book is any indication.

Overall, I’m enjoying the setup, but the series won’t earn its wings and truly fly until Courtney gets the costume, meets other metahumans and unites the team. Bassinger is perfect in the role. She has that teenage exuberance which defines the heroine when considering past animated portrayals of this character.

The series and Pat will have to prove he’s not piloting a Transformer, but I’m digging the design of what is obviously once a car.

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As for what’s in store for Courtney, I’m more curious about the power staff she welds. It’s as temperamental as the broom Harry Potter tried to ride for the first time, and perhaps as powerful as the wand he acquired from Olivander’s. I’m betting this rod has extraterrestrial origins–which is perfect to introduce the Green Lantern Corps and the Thanagarians to this canon. Whether or not my idea will happen, I’m good with what has happened so far.

The series has a similar vibe as TheCW’s The Flash, and that’s at least a step in the right direction. Thankfully Stargirl is not exclusive, so it can be watched on network television and FuboTV.

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