Nerdy Picks of the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Theatre Festival

3 Sep

VanFringeFest_2019.jpgSome of the performers who appeared at the Victoria Fringe Festival do not have long to relax with the Vancouver Fringe celebration coming up days after. It’s a bigger event allowing for more venues and less walking to get around. In the works I have missed, I’m glad I have the option to do a day-trip over (weekend is better) to catch up on those that I missed due to overlap or some other reason.

When more space is available, this event held on Granville Island (and a few other areas nearby) allows for more acts to be pulled from the hat. In addition to those shows in my picks of the Victoria Fringe Theatre event that are travelling over, my choices of this year include:

Carey-OK!: Timeless Timely Tunes

Timeless Timely Tunes

Chip Pop Productions
Victoria, Canada
Playwright: Carey Wass
A mix of Robin Williams and Reggie Watts, Fringe fave Wass (Ride the Cyclone, **** —Globe & Mail) unleashes a one-man a cappella musical that blends singing, beatboxing, rapping, and dance into a series of uplifting song-o-logues about anxiety, social media, and his journey living in Vietnam.

Ludwig and
the Hammerklavier

Boondogglers Theater Co.
Everett, USA
Playwright: James W. Jordan

1818! Join the cranky-but-friendly, idealistic-but- … tired? … Beethoven in his flat for drinks, a chat, and some piano. In a “raptus,” he takes measure of his life by scribbling measures for a new sonata, the Hammerklavier—a work (celebrating its bicentennial) that pulls him from a rut and heralds his “Late Period” (and his final years…).

This is a world premiere of the first act. The second act of the complete show is the full piano performance of the Hammerklavier. This full production is coming in 2020.

Red Glimmer

Dusty Foot Productions
Vancouver, Canada
Written & Directed by Patricia Trinh

Abstract Sci-Fi dramedy. An interdimensional science experiment! Woman involuntarily takes an all inclusive internal trip after falling into a deep depression. A scientist is hired to navigate her neurological pathways from inside her mind – tackling the fact that humans cannot physically re-experience somatosensory sensation, like pain. What if that were the case for traumatic emotional pain? A creepy little girl is heard running by. What happens next?

Image result for Chase Breyer: Part-Time Substitute Teacher, Full-Time Canadian Super Spy

Chase Breyer:
Part-Time Substitute Teacher,
Full-Time Canadian Super Spy

Victoria, Canada
Playwright: Rod Peter Jr.

The madcap action-adventures of a Canadian James Bond and part-time substitute teacher. Just what will his next adventure be? Nobody knows. Not even this guy can … the question is just how fast can he change costumes, dribble a basketball and coach the soccer team in one day? Only the mad-cap improv abilities of Rod Peter Jr. can say!

Legend of the Frozen Trees

Danger Salad
Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Nick Charrette

A Magic Birthday Present, A Sleeping Witch, A Hungry Bean, and a Door that Ran Away. Spooky Stories that will make you smile and Funny Stories that will make you wonder—all told beneath a Grove of Frozen Trees (with a story about those, too!)

A series of campfire bedtime stories—but before bedtime, and without a campfire.

Image result for tommy's amazing journey fringe

Tommy’s Amazing Journey

New Westminster, Canada
Playwrights: Pete Townsend/Kevin Armstrong

In 1969, The Who released Tommy, a concept album that was the first “Rock Opera.” Fifty years later, Kevin Armstrong (Opera for Heathens) brings his astounding solo performance of this seminal album to the Fringe, singing all of the roles while playing 8-string guitar.

Come and join us on an “Amazing Journey” with the “Pinball Wizard.”


One Man Avengers

Chicken for Supper Productions
Victoria, Canada
Playwrights: TJ Dawe & Charles Ross

Charlie Ross (One Man Star Wars, One Man Lord of the Rings) portrays Iron Man’s armour, Cap’s shield, Hulk’s rage, Thor’s biceps, Loki’s helmet, Black Widow’s butt, and Thanos’ chin.

Alice in Glitterland
Geekenders Theatricals

Vancouver, Canada
Playwright: Fairlith Harvey, based on the works of Lewis Carroll

Alice in Glitterland is a new immersive dance-theatre experience created inside the historic WISE Hall.

Audience members explore retro-glamourous Glitterland, a golden era cabaret palace where every open door dives deeper down the rabbit hole alongside 12 fantastical and familiar characters on an intimate and interactive electro-swing journey.

Fake Ghost Tours 2:
(Journey to the Other Side (of Granville Island)

Whells Phargo
Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: Abdul Aziz and Shawn O’Hara

Ghost hunting twin brothers Abdul Aziz and Shawn O’Hara return to fill you in on even more of Granville Island’s sordid and supernatural history. Pass through the veil, stride into the lands of the dead, and look both ways before crossing the street: you never know what might be lurking in the shadows (it’s ghosts).


A Hyper-Natural Variety Revue

The Crystalline Cabaret
Vancouver, Canada
Playwrights: The Crystalline Cabaret

Inspired by the world around us, The Crystalline Cabaret brings to the stage a sensuous and ethereal dreamland based on the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Each element interpreted through variety acts, this show is a feast of dazzling burlesque, dance, drag, singing, and magic!

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