Counting the Many Plays in Triple Threat

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With three powerhouse martial arts stars Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Tiger Chen to kick some serious butt, Triple Threat is an apt title for this action thriller. I almost want to call them the Asian version of The A-team–but the beloved TV show saw these soldiers for hire out to do good than be hell-bent. The roles these boys have are ambiguous. One is out for revenge and the others are seemingly okay with following him.

This movie is not for kids but for the 80s martial art film enthusiast, it’s an homage to those products from long ago with a touch of Michael Bay style direction mixed in.

With so many double-crosses going on and the cast switching from their native language to English at times, I needed to see this film another time (if not three, which did not happen) to make sense of it all. In what I can discern, Payu (Jaa) and Long Fei (Chen) are mercs for hire and they got betrayed; these two forms an uneasy alliance with Jaka (Uwais) to take down Mook (JeeJa Yanin) and Devereaux (Michael Jai White). These two hired Payu and team to be natural born killers. When they realized what they have done was wrong, they go after them and keep the damsel in distress, Xian (Celina Jade), safe.

I was more excited to watch the fight sequences than to follow the plot. At least the climax is worth the wait and the fight choreography by Tim Man shows they still have the right stuff. Let’s just hope these action stars do not go by the wayside in twenty years time as the previous stars have.

Author: Ed Sum

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