Hedgehog’s Home finds its way to The NFB Homestead Dec 17th!

16 Dec

1.1 HEDGEHOG HOME 10010923 copyBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

All hail the Mighty Hedgehog! No, we are not talking about Sonic from the video games, but rather an innocuous creature of the woods, as imagined by poet Branko Ćopić. Simply titled Hedgehog’s Home, this stop-motion animated short has numerous accolades. It was spotlighted at many a film festival including Annecy and New York back in 2017, and how it’s making permanent residency on the free media servers of the National Film Board of Canada

The music takes some cues from the Wild West and perhaps even the narrative too. As someone from that era might say, “There ain’t no place like home.” Homesteaders back then had to stand their ground against resistance. Whether that’s over land ownership, against others (bullies) or against the aggressive climate (making a new life was not easy), many a theme can be explored. Ćopić‘s tale comes out of his experiences from native Yugoslavia, post-World War II and the folk tradition.

Not everyone understands what “home” is. A fox, wolf, bear, and boar berate Hedgehog after finding what his den is made of and try to understand why his home is different to theirs. They believe homes should serve as a status symbol or function for a greater purpose. Others see it as a state of mind. A comic book movie nerd’s analogy includesThor: Ragnarok, where the people of Asgard have no home to speak of since its destroyed. However, Odin sees it differently. It’s a state of mind than with where people choose to physically reside. Hedgehog’s feelings echo this one-eyed god, and it’s a universal message to take note of.

The essence of this meaning is further refined by Eva Cvijanović, the director. She sees it as also an anti-bullying message. People can not force one’s ideas upon another, no matter what the situation. Additionally, the release is timed to perfectly let people during the holiday season home is never too far away, even for families with kin relocated to other countries for one reason or another (special forces, or whatever the case may be). To see the closing moments of the poem vividly imagined helps Fox realize what home is about. For those who still do not get it, this word represents a devotion to and cultivation of safety, dignity and comfort, a protective shelter that also reflects and defines who we are. Solace can be anywhere, and to take heed of Hedgehog’s wisdom is important.

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